Sale of Natural Stone

Producers and wholesalers of natural stone based in Lacaune, between Castres and Albi in the Tarn (81), bordering with Aveyron (12) and Herault (34). We specialize in natural stone (interior and exterior arrangements, roads, decoration…) and roofing (Spanish slate, tile, and zinc...).
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Stone and Soil

We offer a range of flooring that can be adapted to individual demands and needs. We offer cobblestones, paving, opus incertum, pool rims, gutters, thresholds…the different materials offered come from our own quarries (Caroux Gneiss, Martys Gneiss, Causse Limestone) and quarries around the world.


Wall Cladding

Our range of wall cladding consists of raw and finished products that can be adapted to all the styles of your home (contemporary, modern, classic). Building stones, split bars, cinderblock, rubble stones, and veneers are the traditional options. We also offer a range of ready-to-install claddings and an Easy Panel range (pre-installed stone slabs on a resin or concrete support).

Bulk riprap and raw stones complete the range.

Gneiss, sandstone, schist, limestone, slate, quartzite, travertine, lucerne…are the different types of stone available for your walls.



Garden landscaping has evolved a lot over the years, becoming a major preoccupation in home planning. The garden has become a source of inspiration where all kinds of plants and minerals come into play. Monoliths, Japanese steps, pebbles, mulch, gravel, gabions, and wooden planks make up our range of landscaping products. The richness of soil allows us to offer a complete range of colors and minerals. For our complete list of available packages, click on the link below:


Roads and public building sites

As producers for over 40 years, we have established an efficient production system that allows us to work closely with many public building sites on the creation of paving, borders, gutters…
We offer several finishes that allow for the product to be adapted to the desired location: flame-like



Bathroom tiles, terraces, staircases, gardens, pool sidings.